2D/3D Holograms

We create and develop highly technological 3D Holograms that are very useful in combating against security issues, which include theft, counterfeited products and fraudulent documents. We are involved in the manufacturing of a broad line of products that includes simple 3D Holograms for small businesses to complex and special hologram devices for the Government and Corporations.

2D/3D Holograms are made up of multiple two-dimensional layers with hologram images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. It has a very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on the first layer.

It contains many optical layers that contain 2D hologram images which are visually placed one behind another. This results in arriving at a 3D effect as each layer is placed at a different distance to our eyes in terms of visual depth. Usually, these images comprise thin lines which can be visualized at large angles of diffraction. 

Virtually any existing design/logo can be turned into 2D / 3D hologram while working with its depth and parallax. Here, our expertise lies in working with you towards creating 2D/3D artwork through the use of the software. Further, our expertise also lies in breaking existing artwork into separate colour separations as well as layers that contain 2-4 layers as well as up to 6 colours.

We manufacture Holograms in any shape & sizes as per client required description.


  • Switch effect superposition of different Images can be seen at different angles in the same place as Holograms
  • Various micro, as well as nano texts, can also be incorporated into Hologram design (with letter sizes as small as 1 micron).

If you require a solution for protecting the company as well as associated customers from imitators, look out to solutions provided by reputed hologram company 3rd Eye Holographic. The array of choices provided include 3D hologram labels, 3D hologram stickers, Transparent hologram ID card, 3D holograms equipment and 3D holograms masters. Here, our rich experience in the field includes supplying 3D holograms as well as labels to clients in –

  • Government agencies
  • Private companies